Links to locations where you can find official Star Wars stories as well as where you can find other timelines and other various official and unofficial Star Wars stuff.


Star Wars website with official (and some unofficial) Star Wars stories

Star Wars Timeline websites

Star Wars Websites

With Official Star Wars Stories


Listed in my Star Wars Timeline and Star Wars Digital Stories checklist are a variety of websites where you can find Star Wars stories across the web. Here is a compilation of those websites.


Lego Star Wars                                        SWTOR

                   Lego Star Wars                                            Home to comics and special historical videos  



TheForceNet Arcana                                   Star Wars Fanboy Association

They have a section called Arcana Historica:                            A lot if unpublished work here, not strictly

The Lost Tales of Star Wars with  a whole                           canon but not really deviating from it either

bunch of old scanned stories                                                                                            


The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline

Joe has compiled a remarkable collection of official, yet un-published set of works here.

Star Wars Timeline Websites

There are a variety of websites that are useful for Star Wars Chronology. I have used a combo of these sites as a basis for my check list since, Some websites had stories other websites did not have and vice versa. I recommend the following as a resource to anyone interested.



The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline

This is the primary website I had been used to get caught up, and it is one of the most actively updated ones.



JMMS Timeline

   One of the principle websites I used for the super in depth timeline, although it has not been updated in sometime.



Star Wars Timeline Gold

One of the most comprehensive Star Wars timelines on the web.

A day to day Star Wars calendar



The Force.Net

The Ultimate Timeline (My original source, not updated in several years)