As mentioned on my main Star Wars page I am an avid reader of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Below are some pictures of my collection, since I have seen several pictures across the internet of people's personal collections. So I wanted to join in the fun and I found out that people enjoy to look at other people collections.


The pictures are separated via category. Click on the category below to jump to it or just scroll on through. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the image. Gaps in the pictures are for items missing in my collection. That way when I get those items I can just replace the picture with an updated picture.



Youth Books

Miscellaneous Books


Video Games

Miscellaneous Games

Comic Packs


Miscellaneous Stuff



Here is a general overview of my collection. Mostly books, comics, and similar items.


Full Collection 1 Full Collection 2 Full Collection 3 Shelf Only




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Youth Books


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Miscellaneous Books


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Comics are grouped according to the comic listings on the comic collecting checklist on the main page. (DH = Dark Horse)


Marvel SW 1-16

Marvel Comics #1-16


Marvel SW 17-32

Marvel Comics #17-32


Marvel 33-48

Marvel Comics #33-48


Marvel SW 49-64

Marvel Comics #49-64


Marvel SW 65-80

Marvel Comics #66-80


Marvel SW 81-96

Marvel Comics #81-96


Marvel SW 97-107 and 3 Annuals

Marvel Comics #97-107

& 3 Annuals

Marvel Droids

Marvel Star Comics - Droids

Marvel Ewoks

Marvel Star Comics - Ewoks


Marvel SW Summer Special

Blackthorne Star Wars Comics

Blackthorne 3D

Dark Horse - Dark Empire and Crimson Empire

DH - Dark Empire and Crimson Empire

Dark Horse - Droids

DH - Droids

Dark Horse - Tales of the Jedi

DH - Tales of the Jedi 

Dark Horse - X-Wing

DH - X-Wing

Dark Horse - Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan

DH - Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan

Dark Horse - One Shots 95-99

DH - One Shots and One Shot Series 95'-99'

Dark Horse - Prequal One Shots

DH - Prequel One Shots

Dark Horse - Clone Wars One Shots

DH - Clone Wars One Shots

Dark Horse - 2008-2014 One Shots

DH - 2008 and Beyond One Shots

Dark Horse - Purge

DH - Purge

Dark Horse - Movie Adaptations

DH - Movie Adaptations

Dark Horse - Boba Fett

DH - Boba Fett

Dark Horse - Jabba

DH - Jabba the Hutt

Dark Horse - Tales

DH - Tales

Dark Horse - Free Comic Book Day

DH - Free Comic Book Day

Dark Horse - Hyperspace Comics

DH - Hyperspace Comics

Dark Horse - Humor

DH - Humor

Dark Horse - Specials

DH - Specials

Dark Horse - Other

DH - Other

Dark Horse - Classic Star Wars

DH - Classic Star Wars

Dark Horse - Classic 1 shots

DH - Classic One Shots



Star Wars Video Games

The video games are pictured by gaming system.


Coming Soon

Miscellaneous Games


Coming Soon


Comic Packs

The Star Wars Comic Packs.



The 30th Anniversary Set



The 30th Anniversary Set

#13-16 & Walmart Exclusives


The Legacy Blue Collection



The Legacy Blue Collection

#13-16 & Walmart Exclusives


The Legacy Red Collection



The Legacy Red Collection

Entertainment Earth and Wal-Mart Exclusives


The Legacy Red Collection

Comic-Con and Celebration V Exclusives



Star Wars Standees


Darth Vader and Yoda Standup

Darth Vader and Yoda

USPS C3PO and R2D2 standup




My wonderful wife surprised me one day when I came home from work with two standees of Yoda and Darth Vader. How great is that. :-)


One of my favorite acquisitions, the USPS Standee. Supposedly was impossible to get because it was supposed to be destroyed on May 26th. 


Miscellaneous Star Wars Collections

Some of my more random items.




Star Wars Foosball

Foosball Table

Star Wars Records

Star Wars Records

Star Wars Filmstrip

Star Wars Filmstrip